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Глобальный кредитный кризис привел к тому, что число покупателей жилья в Британии пошло на спад. По данным Национальной ассоциации агентов недвижимости (NAEA), количество покупателей в их списках в феврале снизилось на 12%, до отметки 243 покупателя на одного агента, по сравнению с 276 в январе. Это самый низкий показатель за все время существования данной статистики.

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Было бы неплохо,если бы у нас точно также подавали данные.
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Было бы неплохо,если бы у нас точно также подавали данные.

И министерство юстиции не публиковало бы размытую статистику с размытыми определениями "сделок" за весь год, за 3 недели до окончания года.
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И министерство юстиции не публиковало бы размытую статистику с размытыми определениями "сделок" за весь год, за 3 недели до окончания года.

А аналитики АНС(р)У занимались не прикидками количества сделок :11: , а брали бы пример у британских коллег и давали бы конкретные данные.

Национальная ассоциация агентов недвижимости информирует http://www.naea.co.uk/about/latest_news_de...06&PageNo=1 : :151:

Members of the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) reported that at present the property market is dull as recent figures from the monthly google market indicate that the plethora of external pressures exerted onto the market is causing buyers to be prudent.

Members reported that the number of house buyers on books, houses available and percentage of first time buyers decreased throughout February. Whilst, the number of sales achieved remained static with last year, the average difference between asking and sales price continued to widen.

NAEA President, Stewart Lilly comments: “The figures reported in February echo the current climate of confusion that is clouding the property market at present. Invariably, the global credit crunch, especially the US situation, has had a knock on effect, which coupled with consumer inflation, is placing continuing pressure onto the property market. However, we still have a long way to go before we see the difficulties of the late 1980’s repeating themselves!”

“We are aware that there are vast regional differences that still exist in the market around the UK with areas such as Central London and a few other major cities continuing to keep up a regular pace, whilst some other areas may be patchier and even extremely slow, overall the market remains steady despite many external pressures.

“It is disappointing to see that the percentage of first time buyers took a drop this month however, we are hopeful that this sector of the market will recover and continue to grow as prices reflect the prevailing market conditions. The market is much more favourable to this target market.”

“We continue to call on the Bank of England to lower interest rates to help prevent the economy slumping and to help bring back a renewed sense of optimism for the consumers. We also trust that our new google Minister will recognise this factor before she brings in ‘first day marketing and HIP’s - another factor in the current market”

Not so many buyers

The number of house buyers on estate agents’ books dropped from an average of 276 registered per agent in January to 243 in February 2008. This figure is the lowest recorded since the survey started.

The drop may be partially attributed to the current market conditions, including the global credit crunch and the squeeze on mortgage approvals that is causing the cogs in the property market to slow.

Figure 1 – Average number of house hunters on agents’ books

Small Reduction in Choice

NAEA members across the country reported an average of 74 properties for sale in February compared with 83 in January 2007. This drop indicates the hesitance in the market as consumers debate whether the time is right to make that move. At present, it appears that many vendors are waiting to see more favourable conditions before they go out to find another home.

Figure 2 – Average number of properties on agents’ books

Sales remain stable

The number of sales per agent remained the same in February with on average 8 sales reported per agent. This figure is down from the same time last year, when 13 sales per agent were recorded.

Figure 3 – Average number of sales agreed per agent

The percentage of sales agreed slightly decreased between January and February 2008, with figures 9.86% and 8.64% reported respectively. The time taken to sell a property has also taken a slight drop with an average of just over 20 weeks reported. Both figures reflect the current climate as everyone takes stock of the market and adopts a cautious approach.

Widening gap between asking and sales price

Interestingly, the difference between asking and sales price has risen again this month with 4.5% noted. This widening gap highlights the need for homeowners to set realistic prices to ensure that their property does not remain on the market any longer than necessary.

Slight dip in first time buyers

First time buyers took a slight tumble in February, claiming 11.7% of sales in the market. Whilst, this drop from the previous month is slightly disappointing it is anticipated that this sector will steadily regain as properties appear at competitive prices again.

Figure 4 – Average percentage share of the market for first time buyers

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Всё чин по чину. :n2: Конкретно сообщают в феврале было 8 сделок на агента, а за этот же период прошлого года 13.
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Великобритания: все хуже!

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